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Update on life and art.

So, school has once again started and I've decided that it's been far too long again since I've updated so here I am with the news! My classes this semester consist of World of Ideas, (which is, in short, a politically fueled philosophy class surrounding the idea of 'obedience to authority'. It is, to the least, interesting and something that I'll be focusing a lot of my non-art time on.) Speech, Art History: Modern and Contemporary, Advanced Painting, and Advanced Drawing. I should also note that I was also taking Advanced Composition, but immediately dropped the class after one session. This class was bullshit on terrible levels and every single human in there was an Accounting major except for myself and the professor. They were all pompous, including my professor, and they spoke of everyone's major and decided to pointedly leave me out. It was all very stereotypical business/accounting major of them and I could have done without that. So! Next semester I will remedy this drop by taking Creative Writing instead.

Art wise, life has been...stressful. I've started my Junior Review dealing with Insecurities...but it still has a ways to go before it can be put on panel, which I've realized after discussing my idea with my professor. It's a simple enough idea, I just need to pull out of this constraint that I've thrown myself in and I need to start writing down ideas. Unfortunately, only tar comes to mind, so I'll have to make some interesting decisions on how to psychologically display the behavior of insecurities.

While I've been distracted with my Junior Review (being that of painting), I've ignored my Advanced Painting class. Not homework wise, but I usually think of interesting things to do before the beginning of class. So, now I'm having a mixture of thoughts like mixed media for my junior review involving drawing......AH. But yeah, journalling is the best way to get this all out and start organizing and creating.

Ideas for drawing:
Depicting several paintings of a man out of his sorts, involved and yet not involved at all with the world around him because he doesn't belong in the same space. Perhaps "Death". Perhaps influences around us, otherworldly. Death, Life. Two massive drawings, crowds of people. Death - handsome woman/man? Life - demented child. Perhaps on a crowded 20's train.

I'll probably be updating more and more on this. Sorry for my absence x)


Greetings everyone! I just made all of my cosplay posts PUBLIC and they'll stay like that from now on.

Also, check out my website: Oh, Tabe!

If you would like me to link your own website, journal, tumblr, flikr, whatever, please let me know! I would love if you linked me back, in return ♥

Thanks, gang!
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Whoa, hello

So, the last time I frequented livejournal was before I had left for Massachusetts for a semester of UMass schooling. Now, I'm back in Wisconsin. So, livejournal has become my "I'm bored in Wisconsin" journal, respectively. Because, let me assure you, I definitely did forget livejournal existed. Not my friends, just this form of communication. Seriously, if you want any live updates on my life, go to my tumblr: feedtabe or find me on facebook.

In any case, I think a lot of my friend group has abandoned livejournal, because in the four or so months that I've been gone, not one of my 270+ followers/friends have unadded me. That speaks a lot for this friends group: Either you like me enough to know I haven't forgotten about you, or you've left as well. I'm assuming it's mostly the latter, and that alone is not a lot of incentive to remain on livejournal, or actively update it. I'm not leaving livejournal anytime soon, I just wanted to say what I've been thinking every time I use livejournal for community reasons.

Anyway, I don't think I have to update you all on my escapades in Western Mass, because I think my absence should have spoke the loudest to the fact that I had the time of my life. Seriously, January-May 2011 has been the most character building experience of my life so far. I feel I have a firm grasp on what I consider to be my sexuality, my views on feminism, my views on politics, etc. I miss the liberal east coast and I can see myself going to graduate school there in the future. I had amazing human beings who catered to my needs when I was stuck, and they should know who they all are ♥ I dated _sey for most of my time there and she was beautiful and great, but things didn't work out and we broke up and that's life. I kissed so many girls, drank so much Reisling, cried, laughed, and left with a smile on my face.

Now, I'm back in Wisconsin, watching Glee to pass the time, getting tan, and looking for a summer job. I applied for and turned down a tattoo apprenticeship within a week, applied for a modeling job, and was offered a waitressing/cook/bartending job at a classy tavern in town. I've dyed my hair twice in the week I've been back and...I'm bored. I haven't made any effort to see Wisconsin friends, but that'll change once I stop lounging on the couch eating bread and Nutella.

So yeah, that is everything you've missed, summed up into a comically short livejournal entry. I'll leave this post (and many after, I'm sure) public, as again, I find that not a lot of people live here anymore. But it'd be awesome if you commented, just to let me know you're still here~ If you are, I'll feed you and keep you as a pet and move back in. Until then, I'll be knocking every once and awhile. ♥
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So, this whole month has been kind of scary. First, my external died with literally everything on it, my laptop won't boot because I downloaded a virus filled Inception OST (idiot me), and just bad luck in general. Things have been looking up a bit, as I got all of my money back for the external and thus bought a new and better and bigger external that is 1TB instead of 500GB AND I had left over money so I bought season 1 of Dexter and RocknRolla. ♥ The laptop currently is wiped but I have to bring it in because the reload disks aren't working...BUT. I think it'll work out x) I'm not too worried~

Then...this morning my grandpa was rushed to the hospital after passing out in church. I wasn't there but my mum came home like "...I thought grandpa died today..." and I spent a bit of the morning crying in shock because holy cow...this man is immortal, he can't die. He's okay now, it was from low blood pressure and dehydration but...I can't even imagine. I can't.

So, I've been running slow so far today, especially since it's rainy and just weird right now. And I remembered RocknRolla had come in so I should go to the mailbox and get that so I can send it back to Netflix right away since I own it AND IT'S AWESOME. So, I get the mail and there's a LOT of it, but one is a package of sorts.

It has my name on it from the lovely _ofuda_, and I always get excited when she sends me stuff randomly because it's usually Ryohei related and amazing~

I was not, however, expecting this!!

HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so envious of you guys for being able to go to yaoicon and chill with Ryohei's voice actor! And then afterward, tsunayoshi electricsong and _ofuda_ were all "WE GOT SOMETHING FOR YOU" but I had NO IDEA. NO IDEA. IT EVEN HAS MY NAME ON IT!!!!!!! I'M JUST SO HFJSKFHKJSD!!!!! LIKE, AHHHHHHHH!!! REALLY!?! I DON'T KNOW WHO WAS ALL INVOLVED BUT THIS SERIOUSLY MADE MY WHOLE YEAR!!!

The first thing out of my mouth was "I HAVE THE BEST FRIENDS EVERRRR!!!!!!!! AHHHHH I LOVE THEM WHAT IS THIS KYOUKOGENNNN HSDKJS" Oh my god. Next chance I get I'm flying out to you ladies/little boy and giving you a proper thank you! Because wow! Thank you so much for thinking of me!!! GAH!!!

SO YEAH! WHA! I was afraid maybe people were forgetting me because I don't update as much as I used to but...hnnnnnnnnnnnnn ♥ ♥ ♥ Words. I have none...

Bahhhhhhhhhhhh okay, this has given me motivation to do my homework lmfao but hfjkds YOU GUYS. AHHHHHHH!!!!! I LOVE YOUUUU!!!!

NEXT POST WILL INVOLVE ARTS. (Like, soon) Dawwwwww..........

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Valentino and meeee.

This was inbetween 12am-3:30am where I was trying to figure out why my mouth in one of my paintings wasn't looking proportional and so I took a fancy webcam photo to see what my mouth really looked like when I was emotionless. 8I Being an art student, there's nothing else that I'd rather be. ♥

I am an artist
Please God forgive me
I am an artist
Please don't revere me
I am an artist
Please don't respect me
I am an artist
Don't breed or correct me

-Bo Burnham

Can I have this tattooed somewhere please?

Bo Burnham's special tonight was brilliance. Did you know he was born one day before me? August 21st 1990, I'm August 22nd 1990. We're practically twins, except not. At. All.
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Wow! Now that I've had a taste of LJ, I need more!! So I come with pictures! Lots of pictures! From what? FROM ANIME EXPO. But wait, Tabe, didn't you post enough of those? (not at all.) These aren't just cosplay pictures...these are screenshots. Screenshots? From the DOCUMENTARY tsunayoshi, ryouga_elliot and briefly revenus was in during AX this summer! I got to see a little confidential showing of it so I took some screenshots to show you guys~ Hopefully they're not pissed that I'm doing this...thus why I'm making it friends only 8)

With this post are also some photos of my new haircut~ SO LETS GET STARTED!!

Collapse )

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Hahahfkjds OKAY, so, tsunayoshi and I were talking the other day about how I never actually posted pictures on livejournal of our photoshoot after Anime Expo in July. I posted a few on my dA but beyond that, no livejournal coverage! SO, I FINALLY GOT AROUND TO EDITING ALL THE ONES THAT WERE WORTH EDITING AND I HAVE THEM UPLOADED AND HERE!!! Sorry for the long wait! (I'll eventually get around to editing though Otakon photos too 8I;;;)

Collapse )

Also, while this is a public post! I'll be cutting my hair next weekend and I need some ideas for short fun hairstyles! Here's pictures of me from yesterday if you want an idea of my head shape. My hair is gross and shoulder length at the moment and I've hit the "This isn't me..." wall! So yeah, thoughts? 8D

(and for picture of hair under hat, I'm not looking for short curly styles though, when it's short I straighten it)

Yeah yeah yeah! Thanks everyone!! ♥
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the cosplay wall

Cosplay is something I've wanted to address to my friends for awhile but, until recently, I haven't really known the right way to go about it. It's something of a hobby that has been slowly dying on my priorities, especially with school becoming that much more serious and what have you.

I'm constantly flattered by people I cosplay with. I've heard a growing number of "I was going to quit cosplaying but your enthusiasm makes me want to cosplay more!" as well as "I'm cosplaying this character in hopes we can cosplay together in the future!" or even "You are the reason I'm cosplaying today."

All of these comments send flutters to my heart and soul and I'm so happy that I can be a positive influence in some way to a fun hobby with amazing people.

But, regardless of the flattery...I find myself uninspired. You would think this giving back would light a fire and make me doubly ready to cosplay cosplay cosplay! However, I'm not. I'm genuinely happy, but I feel like I'm disappointing a lot as well with my "Cosplay isn't serious business" attitude and doing less outfits every year. A lot of it has to do with time and money, but most of it has to do with my own lack of enthusiasm.

I mean, I have a fabulous group of people I cosplay with that, while I'm with them is just too much fucking fun not to go all hyperactive and be the best I can be! But...arg. I don't know.

I wish I could meet that cosplayer out there that inspires me the same way I inspire others?

In any case. From now on, I think I'm going to just keep the cosplays I have for characters (and easy cosplays that can be done for existing characters: ie. FrankenRyohei), finish the cosplays I've started for other characters (ie. Albel), and then I think...be done with anime cosplay.

I find myself falling out of love with anime as well, minus the amaaaaazing ones like Baccano!/DRRR. I want to focus my cosplay energy on personal outfits, Disney or cartoon cosplay, or Renaissance outfits. ♥

So, I want to apologize to friends that have been prodding me to cosplay a character with them from a certain series, etc. This is an Anime Cosplay Hiatus until I'm inspired or otherwise.

Meanwhile, I'm looking and feeling gross from allergy/cold and not working out because of it. And I wanted to look so good for my birthday on Sunday /sob/

Also, bad bleach job~ Will be redying most of it~

Love you!
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Good news 8D

Check it here!!!

Of all the.../sob/ Hello art world... ♥

Will be taking photos of my wtf art from Sculpture 8D I'm actually super proud of what I've done, despite my "I AM SO SICK OF 3D" post a few entries ago @_@ It's creepy as hell but 8) ♥

But yeah, in before I fall asleep on my keyboard. A day without working out at all and eating a lot. I'll make it up tomorrow. XD


EDIT And hfkjds almost forgot about the Honest meme!! ;;; You guys are saying such...arg...such beautiful things....I don't deserve your love ♥
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And it was amazing! Actual report about it to happen soon. I am currently getting over a Disneyland hangover! So good so good ♥